Wood And Water- Now A Perfect Combination

A question that is frequently asked by people is that whether wood can be used in the bathrooms. Well, for obvious reason its big NO!

But now we have a solution for all the wood lovers who want the feel of wood in their bathrooms too. The MDF skirtingboard has moisture resistant range which can be easily used anywhere you want. The fear of water spoiling your precious mdf skirting boards is long gone.

How it happens

There is a special moisture resistant range which has been manufactured in a way which makes it work in the areas with high moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Also, further by giving a primer coat to these moisture resistant boards will further increase its property to resist the moisture. A primer can be applied only on the exposed sides of the board. Itself the MDF skirtingboard has a very resistant and thick board surface so even if you do not prime the board it will never get spoiled. This surface will never absorb any sort of water or moisture. Thus, unlike the usual woods like teal, oak and pine this wood will never swell after coming in contact with water. Also, it will never fade or distort with continues exposure to water. Some manufacturers prime the wood with machines while others prime it with hands. It is totally up to the user to choose a primed or a non- primed skirting board.


This is a much better option than using the old fashioned tiles or stones in the bathroom. You can now also add patches of wood on your garden wall and can water the plants without the fear of wood cracking up. This pocket friendly solution is definitely worth utilizing in your home.